Sisters Kitchen is the creation of Nicole Norsworthy & Risa Lichtman, colleagues and friends with a combined 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry. This idea was born out of a deep desire to work in a female-run kitchen, to be on the forefront of reforming current restaurant standards, and above all to create a restaurant we would want to eat at ourselves which serves delicious and unique food



Risa’s cooking style is highly influenced by her years spent living abroad in the Middle East, where she first found her passion in cooking.  She has worked on many small farms and has a strong background in food for healing & nutritional cooking.  She is currently the Daytime Kitchen Manager at Sweedeedee where she oversees the small staff, ordering, and managing a high-volume restaurant in a very small space. 


Nicole has worked in community gardens and on CSA farms dedicated to Food Justice in the Bay Area, as well as a number of restaurants prioritizing local and whole foods. She has extensive experience and a strong passion for cooking with a wood fired oven. She is currently a Sous Chef at Ava Gene’s, where she manages a large staff and works closely with many local farmers and purveyors.